The Silver Print


The Silver Gelatin Print

The Silver Gelatin Print, also known as a Silver Print, begins with the exposure of large format film using a view camera. The negatives are processed in the artist’s darkroom, using traditional film processing and printing methods.

The  paper used to make the Silver Print is topped with a layer of gelatin by the manufacturer and tiny grains of photoreactive silver are embedded in the gelatin. A photographic enlarger projects the image from the negative onto the paper, while the artist utilizes a variety of techniques to further create the image as envisioned.

The created image comes into view when the paper is exposed to process chemistry. The print is then “fixed” in a separate tray to prevent further development, washed, and lastly, toned in liquid selenium to enhance the longevity of the print.

Estimates suggest Silver Gelatin prints will last for several hundred years before showing signs of age.